Sunday, 17 June 2012

Vacant position

'Have you applied for the position?' Such an archaic turn of phrase, but I rather like it. I heard someone say it a friend yesterday while they were talking about her search for a new job and it made me smile.
Partly because it seems such a 1950s way of putting it, but also because it gave me just a little frisson of startle. What does the word 'position' mean to any regular visitor to Spankoland?  
So, which position would I apply for? I suppose I like OTK, but my favourite 'treat' is diaper. Not that I really feel comfortable calling it diaper, any more than I'd call a pavement a sidewalk.
But the 'nappy position' sounds very weird to me, so for the purposes of this post we'll stick with diaper.  I'm sure you've been there as spanker or spankee. 
But just in case you're unfamiliar with the technical details you can't do better than act out the excellent diagram above, which I've 'borrowed' from the brilliant Underling's Humblings (anything new for us fans yet Underling...?) Trapping one of the spankee's arm between your legs isn't standard practice, but it could well add an interesting extra dimension for both parties.
Why is it a favourite? Well, you tend to get your brush-butt impact zone low down around the sit spot, which works best for me.
But there's also the embarrassment factor that comes from having your bits and bobs in full view once underwear is out of the way. That makes it all feel very naughty and taboo, which helps for me.
Not that I'd want diaper to be the default setting. It would be like eating lemon drizzle cake every day of the week. The point of lemon drizzle is that it's a thrill once in a while for the very reason that you only eating it once in a while.
So, in the interest of scientific discovery I've added a little poll over on the right in the effort establish what the Another Country 'family' think. What's your favourite 'treat' position? Mine's diaper, what's yours?

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