Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Moment: Hobbies

Mine's blogging about spankoland, but I do like a bit of dressing-up too. A maid's uniform can bring hours of pleasure. So, what's your hobby?
Today's Monday Moment is a quickie, just a few words about an image blog that you might like that's called Hobby Pics. I saw a link to it a couple of days ago and thought that maybe it was pictures of scrapbooks or knitting. But it turns out to be some very different sorts of 'hobbies' (see above) altogether.
Now, there's not much spanking to be found on Hobby Pics, but there are lots and lots of really interesting pictures - so many that it makes me feel a little hot and bothered just to look at. The sort of naughty things to do with your spare time that a girl should get a spanking just for thinking about.

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