Friday, 15 June 2012

Surprise, surprise

All nicely lined up, Mars, Venus - the Planet Spanko... Who'd have thought it? When I was moaning the other day about the impossibility of having a 'personal' life when you share a house with older children TFD commented that 'all the planets must align, and then what chance it can feel spontaneous?'
Well they did align, and there was spontaneity. It's a Friday morning and after the schoolbus there are no kids,  SO is not grumpy or at work, it's pouring down with rain (neighbours indoors) and nobody is likely to just drop in.
I'd forgotten what SO had said about my bad language last weekend. We were due a 'little chat' apparently. 
As a result I'm now in my office starting my day's work and the little chat has been had (hot butt in contact with hard computer chair). I have to say that even my all-too responsible life can occasionally be surprisingly - surprising.


  1. This is very encouraging news. I hope you also got a good strong scolding. I'm guessing you avoided a mouth-soaping; I think also good news.

  2. Now this sounds like a good way to start your day! :-)