Sunday, 4 December 2011

Word play

Scolded, read the riot act, given a dressing down, whatever you call it. I think of it as being 'told off', which I know sounds rather mild.
During my very polite, middle class, English Home Counties upbringing we lived in fear of a good telling off. No raised voices, just a very stern talking to that nearly always did the trick. Which is maybe why what's said is so important for me now as part of the whole sexy discipline experience. A spanking without a 'telling off' is like ham without mustard.
Lack of verbal reprimand is criminal as far as I'm concerned. Bit of a tangent here, but why is it that you come across so many spanko movies where there's plenty of action during spanking scenes, attention to plot and costume but no decent dialogue?  What a waste.
Anyway, I've spent some time this morning working on what will hopefully be a new novel and have arrived at a scene thatis crying out for a good 'telling off'. It maybe be because it's a wet Sunday morning, cold and dark, but I can't get the dialogue to roll.
Writer's block, but of a particulalry spanko kind. The scolding is misfiring, the 'telling off' won't flow and the bit of dressing down I've got down on paper seems a too mechancial.
What I need is something new. What word or phrase does it for you? Is there something that, combined with a bit of finger-wagging, has the hairs standing up on the back of your neck? Any suggestions that you can pop into a comment here will be gratefully received... 
Alternatively, I could just find a mirror, tell myself I need to 'pull my socks up' and give my legs a sound smack or two (although self-spanking just doesn't really work, does it?)


  1. 'Well young lady' or 'Now my girl' is usually a good begining and puts the girl on imedieate warning that she is in trouble. I was a real teacher for many years and have often done the scolding bit as thats is all we were left with in the end. Watching the head sink ever lower always indicated I was getting it right. But of course there must always be forgiveness at the end, the door must always be left open for a return to grace.
    Now my girl I have lost count of the number of time I have warned you about such and such behaviour. It seems like you never learn. What must I do to make you understand the danger of such and such. Well!!!!!!!!. No answer as ever, well I think it is time you got your bottom soundly smacked young lady as words seem to have little or no effect. Is that what you want???? Is that what I have to do to get you to listen??????? Well? I am at a loss with you young lady, I have good mind to get my slipper and take your knickers down and smack your bottom hard till you can't sit down. Do you hear me ????? Is that what I have to do??????
    Is that the only way to teach you????
    She see's you go and fetch the slipper and her heart leaps in her breast not to mention the butterflies in her stomach.
    'Right young lady is this what you need????'
    as you brandish the slipper before her.
    'Do I have to slipper your bottom till you cry??'
    'Is that the only way to make you undestand that when I tell you not to do susch and such ot is because I know it is dangerous???'
    She sniffles as the reality of the moment sinks in.
    'Look at me!!!!
    She lifts her face slowly and her eyes widen as she takes in the slipper so threateningly poised in your right hand. The butterflies are now worms and gnawing away at the pit of her tummy and her heart feels fit to burst from her breast. Her eyes meet yours and the tears well up glazing over her eyes. You have all on not to throw the slipper away and hug her tightly but your determined she will learn this time.

    Does that give you any ideas????

    Best Phil ( spanksalot

  2. Wow Phil, you're a genuine professional at this. Just reading you in full flow makes me a little squirmy in my seat.
    When I was at school I used to get the one about letting myself, the form, the school, indeed the entire universe, down rather a lot. Lots of 'young lady' too, which still does the trick although I am, sadly, no longer that young (or that much of a lady for that matter).

  3. Oh, I'm absolutely with you on this. For me it's all about the dialogue, and in fact I find that comes a lot easier than writing about the spanking itself. It's quite hard to put across a long, hard chastisement without resorting to the dreaded 'SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! That blights so much spanko fiction.

    I'm a bit late to this post so I expect your blockage is long since cleared - and spanksalot has given you plenty of inspiring stuff anyway.

    I just wanted to say that, like you, I do love a good telling off!

  4. You should see me in full flow for real. Many a girl or boy for that matter if not withered then were certainly subdued by a visit to me.

    Phil (teachertalk1234) alias spanksalot