Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas shopping and spanko radar

I think Underling hit on something recently commenting on my ramblings on the subject of the poet John Betjeman. You can read it here somewhere, but the jist was that I like to think I can detect a spanko spirit in the work of jolly old Sir J.
But am I fooling myself? Underling said: "I suspect our spanko radar is probably a little overdeveloped, and the sentiments we detect are often our own." Am I a bit too ready spotting spanko references and sentiments where all is innocent? Possibly. 
But possibly not. I've been out shopping today and found myself in the cookware section of a department store. While I was busy looking for the perfect potato pan (to par boil tyhose essential Christmas Day roast spuds) I couldn't help notice the attractive thirtysomething guy who seemed to be spending way too long selecting just the right wooden spoon from the wide selection of spoons, spatulas and other spanking implements on display...

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  1. Your suspicions are correct. Guys don't care about wooden spoons, just what they're going to do with them later. . .