Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Locating corner time

Corner time. Is there a geography to it? I'm most familiar with it as part of North American writing about CP. But I can't remember having heard about corner time being part of the British tradition, although I may have read it and then forgotten that I have.
As writer, I was just about to send Bee to the corner after her punishment, but then I thought again. Would a 1940s English spankee be put into a corner?
So, to Google. Lots to find, including a photo blog that's nothing but cornertime images. Lots to like their, and I found myself browsing for ages. It's interest to see just how little corner time actually takes place in corners.
The Disciplined Feminist thinks it is a must-have in a discipline situation. It is, she says, a time when she can be fully owned by her spanker and more powerful than other impositions. "For me, none of them have the meditative, calming, centering effect that corner time does," she says.
Then it occured to me that the place to look was DJ Black's The Voice in the Corner. Of course. There I came upon a fantastic story that really catches the mood of corner time, 'Angela’s Story: an anatomy of corner time'.
In it Angela says that the thing about corner time is that you never know how long it is going to last. "You have no idea how long is left to go and whether or not you will be returned to the corner once your spanking is over."
But I haven't come away with any sense of whether a bit of corner time is right for Bee, or whether she should be sent straight to bed instead. Anyone help me on this?


  1. First of all compliments on the wonderful blog, and secondly on the subject of corner time, well as a 'Top' I love that moment of complete obedience from the 'bottom' to accept this extra command after they have been spanked. Whether this is something that would have happened to a 1940's spankee I'm not sure, but it will be interesting to investigate a bit further.

    Best wishes,


  2. Welcome, and thanks for your kind comments. Corner time is such a marvellous part of the experience, but I can never decide whether pre or post-spanking is best.

  3. What a touching show of Humility that girl in the photo displays. There, she is safe and no doubt greatly loved by the woman who Disciplines her, yet a deliciously dirty shame throbs on and on and on and on in her loins. A quiet scolding each hour re-opens the floodgate of her tears, and by day's end she's transformed. From that day hence, all it takes to bring forth the most touching and pathetic confessions and pleas for disciplinary attention is a soft reproachful glance or word from her beloved, and she will gladly surrender her knickers and turn up her lightly pinked derrierre for yet another spanking, a spanking that will fill her with a curious Joy that only the tenderly punished will ever know. God bless her.

  4. I love that, whaqt a great turn of phrase - the 'curious Joy that only the tenderly punished will ever know'.
    Although there's quite a bit of joy to be had from a whacking that's a bit less tender too.