Saturday, 24 December 2011

Going undercover

I love my snooze button. The alarm clock wakes me up and I reach out a hand to hit the snooze button.
That gives me exactly seven minutes to enjoy being cosy under the duvet and explore some a fantasy or two. If Significant Other isn't out working I sometimes share the thoughts and things get interesting.
But usually it's a solitary pleasure. Seven minutes of feeling slightly horny and then the day has to begin. Or I hit snooze again and go for a bonus seven.
And those seven minutes are going to be my lot until sometime around the New Year. The undercover blogger has to go into deep background mode with a houseful of kids and relatives to deal with, so no new posts for a while sadly.
I will miss it. Since I started blogging in November it has become part of my daily routine and it will be weird to be without it.

In the meantime dear reader, please take some time to go back over old posts. And in the spirit of Christmas leave a comment or two. Maybe even vote in the poll over there on the right. See you soon.

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