Sunday, 11 December 2011

Rights for vanillas?

Bad move, I’ve upset Significant Other. The way things work is that over time we’ve reached an understanding that allows me the space to enjoy reading, writing and thinking things spanko as long as the reading and writing is kept  out of SO’s consciousness.
I also get my ration of CP-related activities too, which over time SO has got quite into. I say ration, because SO decides when and where and believes that too much of a good thing is bad for me. Most of the time the arrangement works.
But this morning I made the mistake of using the v-word, which SO hates. Being called vanilla is derogatory, says SO.  It amounts to saying that non-spankos are boring, apparently. And, we spankos think we’re ‘so’ special and look down on non-spankos in a way that can amount to arrogance.
That’s me told. At the time I scoffed; surely us spankos are an oppressed minority, laughed at and misunderstood by a righteous vanilla moral majority? But as the day has gone on I’m beginning to think SO may have a point.
Do I end up taking it all too seriously? Actually, me writing this post could probably be used as evidence for the prosecution. I'd better pop off and find something else to do - maybe I see if I can work a poor downtrodden and undervalued vanilla character into Begsi*.

*Current working title of the 1940s novel - Beryl Gets Stuck In (or Begsi for short).


  1. Hi OFG,

    I feel sorry for the poor vanillas, but never feel that I should try to rehabilitate them, in case I get a negative response.

    Their lives must be boring, though. Do you think they're the 99%?


  2. Hi Hermione,

    Thanks for dropping by. 99%? Not sure, what is the spanko percentile?
    I sort of feel sorry for them too because I can't imagine a life without the particular buzz that comes with all things spanko. But in my own relationship I do wonder whether I let the tail (my interests) wag the dog.