Sunday, 18 December 2011

Montorgueil's women

There's something about the women in F/M art. They have presence, poise, charisma or whatever it is. They often have a really good wardrobe too, and nice shoes.
Here's an example - the work of artist Bernard Montorgueil. Did he only do femdom subjects? 
I would love to see his take on FF situations.
His women are so elegant and cool, I love them. 
I've been trying to find out some more about him, but there doesn't seem to be much to go on. This page at Mistress Fantasy seems to be the jist of it. You can see more here, here and here too.
A lot of  what he drew is way beyond my domestic discipline comfort zone. Too many nasty whips and bed of nails for me, not enough of the cosy stuff like hairbrushes and OTK.
But I love the settings, the clothes and the rest of his more domestic stuff. Whoever or wherever, Montorgueil certainly has the knack of creating a kinky fantasyland that I find seductively believable.

PS, since I posted this a kind follower has just emailed me the address of a photoblog called Strict Women, so I could admire the shoes. It's the place to see Montorgueil's women made flesh. And there are some really to-die-for heels there to enjoy too.

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