Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Statistics and spanking

If you're after a shining example of public service look no further than My Bottom Smarts and Bonnie's 'Ask Bonnie' service, which I've enjoyed following for a while now.
The latest mailbag throws up an old chestnut - how many spankos are there out there. When I was a spotty teenager I was convinced I was the only one, now I'd be able to put the word 'spank' into Google to know that there's a world of us.
Bonnie quotes a recent survey about sexual fantasy that says 18 per cent of men and seven per cent of women fantasize about spanking someone. For being spanked it's 11 per cent of men and 13 per cent of women.
Guess who?
So, look at a group of men and women and start doing the maths (or math). I've got a business event today, which will be boring, and will enjoy playing with the numbers.
Pick 10 men at random and decide which two are daydreaming about a bit of OTK and which is the one who'd like to be over the lap of the women on his left (or right). Or 10 women - who's the one who hankers after playing strict governess and who wants to be soundly smacked.
But when you start thinking about the survey's percentages it gets a bit more confusing. I like to be spanked and from time to time to spank too, so where do I fit into the 13-7 split?
Anyway, must go and get ready for my meeting. I'll leave you with the thought that the survey says 25 per cent fantasize about celebrities. That figure seems a bit low to me, but let's take it as accurate.
So, if you take 100 women, three will be thinking fondly of being spanked by a stong, strict celeb  and about two will be dreaming of dishing out the discipline on the red carpet. Which gives me something to think about on the motorway later - picking my celebs. At the moment I'm favouring gritty, tough Sam Elliott, the lovely Salma Hayek and, maybe, the oh, so deserving Lindsay Lohan.

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