Sunday, 18 December 2011

Your democratic duty

Assume a position
Not much time left now to cast your vote in my time machine poll. So hurry, hurry and do your bit to further democracy.
I've done years of blog lurking myself, so I know how it works. Many pass by, few comment. But a quick poll vote can make a weary blogger's day, honestly.
What I'm after is an idea of where you go when you're enjoying a little spanko fantasy. Come clean, where does your mucky little mind wander off to? 
At the moment it looks like a majority of you share my liking for the tight-laced corsets and uptight morals of the Victorian Age. All those meek maids, demure ladies, strict masters and fearsome governesses are just too hard to resist. Not to mention big pants put together in just the right way for ease of access.
But the 1950s could still make a late surge and finish in front. To most of us now the 1950s are beyond personal memory, but our parents remember the decade and it's one that's remembered through a nostalgic glow.
The fantasy 1950s are a simpler, better-behaved time when the fashions were elegant and the lingerie was well-constructed. And, it seems, bottom-spanking was very much part of day-to-day life.

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