Monday, 12 December 2011

Undercover celebrity

I love the way the world is now full of what I think of as undercover celebrities. The internet has freed us all to explore and share on every subject under the sun, hasn't it? When that comes to our darker desires that means the people who become the focus in these small, mostly private, worlds become celebrities of sort, doesn't it?
Who's that girl
When I spot a famous face I get excited in a way that bugs Significant Other. As a guilty pleasure I like the celebrity trash mags, while SO thinks they're a disgrace. So, SO is used to the squeak of delight that I can't control if I spot a famous face (or someone very close to, like a Michael Sheen-a-like at the cash machine or a Beyonce chopping onions in Subway).
Said squeak gave my recognition moment away on Saturday night when we went with a couple of friends to a pub we haven't visited before. As we walked in I couldn't help noticing that the blonde barmaid, pretty as a picture, was the image of the lovely Amber Pixie Wells...
For me it was like bumping into Hollywood A-lister. "What is it?" SO demanded, attracting the attention of our friends. With them all looking at me I had to mumble something about mislaying my phone and I know I blushed beet red - idiot.
I then spent most of the night watching 'Amber' from a distance. Presumably she's completely unaware of any resemblance, but a steady stream of spankos must be secretly thrilled by their encounter with a spanking star.

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  1. Amber is a beautiful lady both outside and as a person