Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fair shares

I'm a firm believer in Equality, with a capital E. So how can I sit quietly (though not comfortably) and let inequality go unchallenged?
I earned myself a short, sharp little spanking today. Over the knee, bot bared and attended too with the clothesbrush that we call 'Aunty Fanny'.
But surveying the damage at bathtime right cheek has taken all the punishment, while left cheek has got off scot free, I'd say both are just as naughty, so how can it be fair if one gets all the attention?
And I'm not one to complain, but it was all a bit high. To my mind the sit-spot is where it should all happen.
Secret Spanko touched on this issue recently, saying he liked a nice uniform shade of pink, all over - "the sides, the top, down the thighs just a little bit, in the crease, even some fire crackers too".
Which leaves me with the problem of how can I nudge SO in the right direction? I don't like to be bossy, but can't abide to see a job half done.


  1. You might try having him look at the results while they are still fresh and critique himself. And I do agree the sit spot and the upper thighs are important places to apply the necessary discipline.


  2. 'critique himself.' what a pretty way of putting it:)