Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Never too old, again

Going back to the age question, I've found myself doing a fair bit of thinking since my last post about how I feel about age play and age, so I was particularly please to stumble on the Wellred Weekly last night.
I've got the tremendous Hermoine to thank for it. She's a WW contributor and posted on the latest issue (read her on gardening and spanking, it made me chuckle).
But the article that most struck a chord with me was one by a writer called edb about adult schoolgirls. What a great piece. It shares the experiences of two women on the far side of 40 who get a thrill out of playing in school uniform.
Edb says: "These are but two small examples of schoolgirl role-play engendering domestic bliss, and whatever the reasons... I have no doubt that schoolgirl role-playing will continue behind closed curtains."
Should I be ashamed or embarassed about my inner schoolgirl? No, I shouldn't.
I should encourage her to spread her wings (and, possibly, legs) - and to be as thoroughly, completely and utterly naughty as she wants to be. But, and I take edb's point, it might be best to keep the curtains drawn while I'm at it.


  1. Great point OFG, I still say "you are never too old for a good sound spanking", providing it will not cause lasting physical damage.


  2. My wife does a good job on me but doesn't like it for herself. She would think it wrong that I went on here as she never looks at things like this as she believes sex should stay in the marriage. She is comforatable with what she does though and I am very grateful to her for it.