Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Poor marks

Just a quick thought as I've an appoint to get to (and shouldn't really be wasting time on the spankosphere). The thought is, does your behind develop spank-immunity?
I suffered a short, but sharp hiding with a woodenspoon last night and was sure that I'd be marked impressively this morning. I scurried to the bathroom this morning and found - nothing. 
Not even the ghost of a spoon-shaped bruise. I'm sure that earlier in my career as an active spanko a whacking like this one would have left tracks of its passing.
So does the surface of your sit-upon get used to spanking? I'd be interested to hear the views of more experienced and better qualified spankologists.


  1. I believe yes my bottom does and the point in fact is how much harder a spanking feels when it has been a long time between spankings.

    Great lines

  2. Maybe it's like being an athlete (a spankalete) and the more your 'train' the better you get. Maybe I should suggest some intensive pre-Olympics training to Significant Other.