Monday, 7 May 2012

Swing that paddle

Boy, do I ache all over this morning from yesterday's paddling. It has been such a long time and, given the break, I think we went way further than was really sensible...
Yes, I know, you've guessed that I'm not talking about THAT sort of paddling. I'm talking about kayaking, or paddle sport as practitioners tend to call it.
I wonder how much cross-over there is between the kayak brigade and those of us with an interest in bottom-paddling? There must be a bit, we spankos have got to be everywhere haven't we?
So, I'm possibly not alone in encountering what I think of as the beach startle. When I'm stood there in my wetsuit trying to supress a smirk while a conversation about paddle design, paddle use and the joys of paddling happens around me.
Yesterday was a club outing, one of the first of the season, and the gear-addicts were showing off their latest purchases. As a result I spent quite a long time in grin-suppression mode while two of the club elders argued the pros and cons of their new paddles.
A and B looked like they might come to blows because A wouldn't accept B's suggestion that his new £300 carbon fibre paddle wasn't the best thing since sliced bread. Lighter means less strain on the shoulders, apparently.
From my p.o.v lighter generally makes for disappointment, when it comes to 'that' sort of paddle anyway. I think you need something with a bit more weight in it to really make the point.
Anyway, it was good to get out onto the water, the sea was kind and the company was good (and, unintentionally, very funny). The only downsides from the day were that my wetsuit seems to have shrunk and that I've gone a bit soft over the winter - today all my back and shoulders muscles really ache.
Lots of good news then, hopefully the muscles will all tone up with use and, with a bit of work, I'll fit into the wetsuit again soon. Plus SO has promised a thorough massage later - can't be bad.


  1. Good news, indeed. I've never kayaked, but looks fun.

    That girl does not appear to be a big fan of paddling. She's thinking, paddle boats, not bottoms.

  2. Perhaps it's occuring to her that wood may be a bit heavy compared with carbon fibre.

  3. Active OFG! So you're a nautical girl and a naughty one...

    P.S. I am deeply, profoundly envious of that girl in the photo.

  4. Naughtily nautical and nautically naughty simultaneouly. And at the same time.

  5. The famous Debbie I believe, lovely. Nautical, very nice.