Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday moment: Old friend

Sorry, I've not been keeping Another Country frisky and fresh just lately. Not good enough, D minus, see me at the end of the lesson...
The problem is, the weather here has been so, so good that we've been living the outdoor life to the full. It's hard to break off halfway through a beach BBQ to do a bit of blogging.
Anyway, a quick find to share. Or rediscovery. I was thinking about spanking fiction that I like the other day and found myself going back a decade or so to when there was a fab story site that was called Laura's something or other.
Laura's Spanking Corner? That was it, and a quick google led me to it. Amazingly, there it is - still up in cyberspace after all this time.
There is some classic writing. I'm now going to spend some time catching up with old friends, starting with the series about Kate, 1950s store-owner and traditional disciplinarian. I love the characters and the situation - it's all so Benson (hence the pic).


  1. Laura's was good, but today THE premier site on the internet for spanking fiction is THE KILAHARA LIBRARY OF SPANKING FICTION, or KLSF at There are over 18,000 items there and growing. More than 500 authors and 10,000 members. And is's all free.

    1. Yes, the Kilhara Library is great. You're right. But at the time Laura's was a bit of a revelvation. It's nice to know that it hasn't disappeared.

  2. I read these "Carolina Jim" stories years ago and loved them. I'm going to enjoy them again. Thanks.

  3. I can not imagine that on a nice day OFG you were thinking about spanking.... lol. Thanks for the info, I must check it out!