Friday, 4 May 2012

Job done, Benson style

I know that there are lots of other Benson fans out there (the Blogger stats tell me I'm not alone. So there's a good chance that this pic will make your day - it did mine. I'm hard at work on an editing job, but taking five minutes out for a coffee and a little blog-peeping.
What a great picture. I've seen the rather cool disciplinarian before, but not the spankee. I came across it at the formidable Mr Tawse.
Mr T says: "In the 1950s strict mothers knew just how to deal with girls who thought they were 'grown up'." Did they? Maybe they did and maybe they didn't, but the 1950s have become something of a nirvana for us spankophiles haven't they - and Benson brings them to life like nobody else.


  1. Amazing drawing and so erotic!

  2. The highnecked blouse is so demure - and yet so revealing at the same time! I'd guess it wasn't the girl's own choice