Thursday, 3 May 2012

Promises, promises

If it were a school project it would have 'SEE ME' scribbled on it in red. I'd be in some serious trouble... Some sweaty-palms, waiting-outside-the-study sort of trouble.
There'd be garbled excuses, promises to do better, maybe even tears. And then I'd wait for the verdict, knowing that whatever was coming was totally deserved.
But as it happens the excuses do hold water, honest. The fact is real world me is snowed under with work and other commitments, so the me that exists in the spankosphere is struggling to deliver on promises (that I make to myself).
So, A Week in the Country was written in a rush last autumn when 'real' work was slow. But I'm sad to say that the follow-up is stalled at about a quarter of the way written and that doesn't look like changing any time soon; poor Beryl is trapped in limbo somewhere around chapter 4 (ploughing fields, chasing nasty Nazis - and getting spanked). 
And I'd said to myself that I'd make fiction a regular Friday feature of this blog too, but again I've not found the time. Another black mark.
What can I do to make amends? Promise to be better at keeping promises, I suppose. In the meantime feel free to suggest suitable chastisement - it might help me keep my promise (to keep my promises...)


  1. Aw, poor Beryl, and poor OFG :(

    I really sympathise - it's great to have so many things to do, but there just aren't enough hours in the day!

  2. Yet, having said that, chastisement for failing to meet promises is of course required. As you yourself recognise...

    I suggest that SO is provided with a list of some sort that will enable him to monitor your performance for himself. Perhaps a weekly review might be instigated... with all the lovely, kinky possibilities for scolding and punishment that offers :)

    And, quite beside any punishment that might be administered, I think that simply knowing that an authority figure is keeping tabs on you will help you go the extra mile.

  3. I've tried to suggest the 'weekly review' of progress, but the attitude is 'your work, your business...'. Self-discipline is one of the crosses that the self-employed have to bear, I suppose.
    Mind you, when I had a real boss I used to really, really hate being told what to do. Much more than my colleagues - they moaned, but I got VERY angry.
    I think maybe it's part of my twisted psyche. When it comes to the life erotic I love being ordered around and punished, but in real life I've a definite problem with authority:)

  4. At the risk of sounding like mini-OFG... I know exactly what you mean! I love being submissive; dominated; disciplined. But only as part of kinky fun.

    In the non-kink part of my life I hate being subject to others and always have done. I dislike 'organised' anything and instinctively distrust 'authorities'. I went along to the Brownies once, aged seven, and hated it. Tried the Guides a few years later. Hated it. My idea of a soul-destroying working environment is a desk in a vast, open-plan office on the ninth floor of a tower, working for an enormous insurance firm and having six layers of management above you.

    Still, none of this helps you with your problem, does it?

    Hm. Maybe you could consider applying some self-discipline..? SO surely couldn't object to that.

  5. A mini-OFG sounds like a good idea. OFG could get it working on all the tedious household tasks while she sat on the sofa eating cream cakes - and becoming maxi-OFG...