Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday chores

Significant Other is out of town and has left me with a list of gardening chores to attend to. There's lots to do - the weather has been so bad for weeks that things have been neglected.
As I've been working I've been rather enjoying playing with the idea of 'punishment chores'. I'm  out cutting, sweeping and clearing becuase my attitude has been sub-standard all week.
And I'm caught sitting down on the job (blogging, as it happens), with little of my chore 'to do' list completed. So, what would be an appropriate punishment? Has to involve a slim, green whippy switch putting welts all over a bare, fair and pear-shaped bottom, hasn't it?


  1. Sorry for the late response - maybe I should get the switch, too!

    But I absolutely agree that your tardiness should be punished, OFG. And I agree that, given that you were supposed to be doing gardening chores, a switching is wholly appropriate.

    The only question, really, is should it be given in the privacy of the woodshed, or out in the garden where your neighbours might see? (Garden, garden!)

  2. There's not room to swing a cat in the woodshed, so in full view it would have to be. As it was I got a bit of grumblie, but nothing more. (must try harder)

  3. How about a long otk spanking followed by his belt on your bare bottom!!