Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday moment: Innocence

Innocent as in kink-free, that is. This image makes me smile - and feel a bit squirmy too. I happened on it the other day and, of course, read it as a spanking-related fantasy.
It does it in a way that lots of vanilla people will be totally unaware of, I think. It was taken by a photographer called Jeanloup Sieff (1933-2000) and I went looking for more info about him and his work.But on googling for Sieff I began to think that maybe I'd misunderstood the composition.
Did my spanko-sensibility twist it into something it wasn't. Chross certainly thinks so, saying: "I am rather certain it is not meant to have a kinky undertone; it's just 'normal' erotic photography, quite beautifully composed. Still, I can't help thinking of spanking whenever I look at it..."
If Sieff wasn't trying to conjure up something that would thrill us spankophiles I'd be surprised. Looking further I hit on Valdor at The Spank Statement, who says of Sieff: 'As he grew older, he increasingly concentrated on nudes. 1998 saw the publication of his book Derrieres – “an ode to the bottom – a photographic tribute to 93 behinds – in all their apple-cheeked glory.”'
Take a look at his work for yourself and make your own mind up - if nothing else, it's will boost your Monday mood. Personally, I'm convinced that Mr Sieff was one of ours; I like to imagine him in his studio and peering into his camera as he worked but with thoughts of post-shoot smacking on his mind...


  1. With a fascination for bottoms like he seems to have, I agree, I think he is a spanko. I think someone having such a fascination for bottoms, spanking just has to be part of his/her DNA.


    1. I'm thinking there's a clever anagram to be had if you take DNA out of the word spanked. But as it only leaves skep it's too clever for me.

  2. Amazing bottom and love the erotic view from the dressing table.