Monday, 30 April 2012

Never too old?

'It's not fair. Not bloody fair. I AM too old, I AM. Nobody else in the entire world would think of doing something so utterly, completely wrong and stupid and crappy to a grown-up like me. I have a job, I smoke, I pay taxes for God's sake... but still she thinks she has the right to take my knickers down and smack my bum.'
Not that she said any of it out lound. Of course not. She knew what the answer would be: "As long as you're living under this roof, young lady..." And for arguing she'd get slippered twice as hard - for twice as long. Better to keep quiet and just take what she had coming...

So, when are you too old? Much of the time in my head I'm the naughty teen of my darker imaginings - mischevious, libidinous, nervous, rebellious and always in need of firm discipline. Then I look in the mirror and I'm surprised and horrified to see grey hairs.
When I really was that teenager I assumed sex ended at around 30 and always hap[pened with the lights out after those involved were over 25. I remember coming across a condom packet (opened, empty) in my mum and dad's bedroom when I was 15 - and being absolutely and totally horrified. The thought of old people doing that made me gag.
Now I'm about the age my parents were then and can see that a healthy sex life (especially one with a good SQ) is not something that you necessarily close the door on as you turn 40. For me it's still about the most important part of what makes for happiness.
But what about spanko activities? We're a niche group for whom that 'too old' phrase has special significance, but it needs asking. Are you ever too old?

When should the spanker hang up his or her cane? And, when does it become just too absurd for the spankee to make like a naughty schoolgirl or boy?
I'd got to about here on this post the other day and then left it unwritten. It seemed a bit depressing. But then today inspiration - I came across a 'never too old' post at JPColourgallery.
It's in French, so I'm not sure that I totally follow what he's trying to say but he does say: "I feel that it's pretty rare these situations in stories, illustrations, videos ... That's a shame."
And it is a shame, isn't it? No matter how grown up a 'girl' is, if she needs a spanking she has a right to one, doesn't she? And the same goes for naughty 'boys'.
That said, I can see that in my own small way I'm part of the anti-mature prejudice. When I'm in spanko fiction mode my default is to make my central characters (and spankees) young women because that's where my own head is at.
The older women are there, but they tend to do the spanking. So, I suppose I should be putting my money where my mouth is and doing my bit to redress the balance. Last thought: “You are never too old to become younger!” Mae West



  1. Great discussion OFG, to me you are never too old for a spanking. And I don't believe you have to brat to earn a spanking. Us older ones have issues that need to be addressed just like the younger ones do. Of course my Wife says that I think a good spanking will cure almost any problem between two people :) And to a great extent I really believe that is true. A spanking brings us closer together, and relieves the stress and tensions that have cropped up. So I say again, "you are never too old for a spanking"!


  2. Hi Dave
    Thanks for your thoughts. I think 'I think a good spanking will cure almost any problem between two people' has to be Thought for the Week, doesn't it!

  3. I always enjoy trying to analyze what we do but, in the end, what feels good is right. If you want to spank or be spanked, and you're not going to break a hip or something, then do it. If a younger person being spanked and an older person doing the spanking is what pleases, then imagine it that way, and hang on to the past because it's still who we are.