Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wood, a spanking good fuel?

What is the big deal about woodsheds? We burn wood and we keep it in a shed, but that shed has no greater significance to us than the one we keep the lawnmower in.
But then there's a lot to North America that I don't understand, starting with why I say 'tomarrto' and they say 'tomayto'. So I can see that the woodshed is some sort of spanko symbol without really understanding much about it.
I’m fascinated by the iconography around kinkiness in general, and our area of interest in particular. Until the advent of the internet it wasn’t apparent to me that what I found to be potent erotic symbols could actually have the same power over others too.
But the net gives you access to such a volume of spank-related material that the themes are easy to see. Symbols that are presumably working for other people in exactly the same way as they work for you.
What am I warbling on about? Good question. How about the hairbrush?Put a naked model, of either gender, face down on a bed and you have the makings of an erotic image.
Add a hairbrush somewhere in your shot and you’ve turned that image into something that speaks directly to the spanko psyche.The hairbrush could be way off to the edge of your image, perhaps it’s up on a chest of drawers or something - a vanilla viewer of the image might not even notice it, or would assume it’s there to brush hair.
But for us it completely changes what the picture is about. A bedroom, a bare bottom and a hairbrush can mean only one thing to us, can’t it?
So, I’m trying to think of some other innocent icons of spankoness. Clearly, the woodshed works for anyone with a US background and is quite an innocent thing as far as the vanilla world is concerned.
But what else? How about stairs?
Being ordered upstairs always sets my heart off pitter-patter.I’m not sure why. I think maybe it goes back to childhood; we were often sent to bed early for acts of disobedience andit came with the fear that some sort of chastisement might follow.
It didn’t, but there was the feeling that it might. As an adult being ordered into the bedroom is rather more ambiguous. Something’s going to happen, hopefully, but I'm not entirely sure what it might turn out to be.
Am I the only one to see symbolism in something as neutral as a flight of stairs? Probably, but I don’t think so because they do tend to appear quite regularly in spanko images.
In some penitent girls trudge up them, either to face a spanking or to bed having received one. In others a no-nonsense lady or gent is heading upstairs in a purposeful way, spanking implement in hand.
Anyway, can anyone suggest any other bits of spanko symbolism that I can add to this list? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

PS While surfing on the subject of woodsheds I learned a new word, which is always a treat. It's 'woodshedding' - apparently it means 'to practice or hone skills, particularly musical skills. the origin is from the fact that for purposes of privacy people would go to their woodshed to practice without being overheard'. So a woodshed would also be the perfect place to hone your woodshed disciplinary skills, wouldn't it? Just the place to whack away without being overheard...


  1. My english is bad...
    The Little Red Ridind Wood. Once upon a time, There was a little girl. She lived in the forest. A woodcutter family. And after, you know...

  2. I grew up in the United States, and though we never, literally, got taken to the woodshed, it was still such a powerful image that made its impression on me. The four words, "trip to the woodshed," were an unambiguous threat or reference to "old-fashioned" corporal punishment. Whether twas true or not, I always thought the reason for taking an unfortunate miscreant out to the shed for their punishment was to distance the rest of the family from the terrible upset of the experience. A related term was the "woodpile" -- for normal folks possibly just a stack of wood used as fuel -- to a spanko that place from which home-fashioned paddles are born. Like you, I also have very strong spanking associations with the act of going up and down stairs. Then the hairbrush, so innocuous an item unless, of course, it's at the center of an obession.

    A few other common images I see fraught with spanking symbolism include the straight-backed armless chair, the schoolgirl uniform, drop-seat pajamas... What does the image of a stool set in the corner suggest? A pillow or two on a bed is a routine sight, unless placed where I can imagine a bottom raised. I think if in childhood we come to associate anything with spanking, it sticks. I'm always amazed to see those souvenir or toy paddles sold in stores. Don't people know what they're going to be used for!?

    1. Thanks TFD. You're so right - the straight-backed chair is THE spanking chair, isn't it? Sometimes I see them in restaurants and cafes and think yes, that's the perfect chair for a spanking.