Saturday, 7 April 2012

Handle with care

A bit of domestic discord here, sadly. It doesn't make for a very cheery Easter. Significant Other and I had a big falling out this morning and so we're now not talking.
And I know from bitter experience how things will pan out. When we're actually arguing I get really angry, but I cool down very quickly. SO is more even-tempered, but once upset stays that way for ages.
Of course, 'marital relations' go on hold for the duration of the feud - which I find really difficult to live with. I find that after the initial flash of fury I quickly feel remorse and guilt, which feeds into confusing spanko feelings.
So, I'm now feeling as though I deserve a very sound and prolonged spanking and cornertime (before a tearful making-up), but that is the last thing that's going to happen anytime soon. SO's attitude to my 'kink' is more along the lines that it is a treat to be given when I'm in good books - which turns the logic of it all on its head, doesn't it?
It all means that I'm feeling down, guilty and in need of firm handling just when there's no prospect of handling of any kind. Firm or otherwise.


  1. My sympathies, OFG. It is strange sometimes for spankos, isn't it? Strange and difficult. A Martian would never understand.

    Try not to feel too down - remember that things will be good again soon and you'll be squirming over SO's lap like the naughtiest girl there ever was. And you can always use this time to let your imagination wander a bit...

  2. A great Leone Frollo's drawing.

  3. So sorry to hear that, it makes things very strained which I can verify is not fun. I am sure a good sound spanking across SO's knee would make you both feel better. Dr Dave here prescribes a long and hard OTK spanking coupled with a good scolding and some tears shed would be very therapeutic for both of you right now.

    Dr. Dave :)

    1. You're right Doc, but things aren't that simple in this house - not 2+2=4, sadly. I guess the algebra will work out in time. It usually does.

  4. Beautiful otk, very erotic.