Sunday, 15 April 2012

An authorised absence

Unauthorised absence is a serious business. Definitely worthy of an entry in the Punishment Book - and a sore bottom to go with it. But I think I'm OK as I have authorisation, so I can pack my bags this morning with a light heart.
But I'll miss my 'classmates' while I'm away. I've got a work-related trip to take this week, leaving tonight and returning home on Friday and during that time I'm going to have to leave this blog to its own devices. And it's going to be really odd being away from it as over the last few month it has become very much part of my life.
As an undercover spanko I have no other chance to share 'special' thoughts and observations. Significant Other is very understanding but is, at heart, a fine upstanding vanilla - so doesn't really understand what our thing is all about.
So, being able to air thoughts here and enter into a conversation about them has been a bit of a revelation. Going cold turkey is going to be difficult, but I'm sure I'll come back from my journey with plenty more to say.
In the meantime I hope you have a fun week. I'll be back and I hope you will too.

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  1. As I travel a lot for business, try to enjoy and be well