Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Feeling that spanko 'itch'

Here's my conundrum. Lots of work to do, but I just can't knuckle down to do it. There's a 'do not disturb' notice on my home office door, but though I'm sitting at my desk I'm achieving very little.
I can only concentrate on what I should be doing for a moment or two and then my attention drifts off. Where does it go? Yes, you've got it...
I've no excuse, but I have to say my SQ is sky high today and I've absolutely no prospect of adressing the issue properly. Or any time soon as we've got school holidays this week, I've got a work trip away next week and there's zero privacy in the meantime.
So, I can only daydream about getting my itch thoroughly attended to while cruising around my favourite image blogs.
I have image blog crushes. Silly schoolgirl obsessions that sweep me off my feet - and then last a week or two before I find a new one.
At the moment my crush is a blog called Eros Unbound, which manages to be all misty-eyed and romantic at the same time as doing quite a lot of spanking.
It manages to make spankoness seem soft, fluffy and rather sweet. Sort of CP in soft focus.
Of course, none of it helps. Scratching an itch always makes it worse. I'd really be better off getting the work done, wouldn't I?


  1. Lovely post, thank you for sharing, we all go through those periods and thoughts, spanking can do that to you!
    Be well

  2. Isn't it that NOT spanking is what does it to you?