Saturday, 14 April 2012

Get them down

DIY or ordered? Do you prefer to bare your bum yourself or is it better to be ordered to do it? Or is it maybe just to dispense with knickers and go into action commando?
I know what I prefer, but I wanted to know how the 'Another Country' community (because that's how I regard you all) felt about this thorny question. So I put up a poll to find out.
And then I realised that I'd made a bit of a mistake. What about spankers? What do the heavy-handed ones like best? I can see that I've erred and deserve to peel down my panties and bare my...
But I'm running ahead. Sorry, spankers' preferences will have to be covered by a future poll. Back to today's question.
Firstly, like me you don't go for the no knicks option. Of course you don't. Lingerie is one of life's joys and doing without is like giving the perfect gift but not bothering to wrap it.
On the DIY or not point it seems that having you undies eased down, or tugged down, or ripped off or whatever, is the favourite by around two votes for every one. It is, presumably, an expression of powerlessness to have it done by other hands.
Personally, I'm in the other camp. I like to be told that I'm going to get it on the bare and to be told to prepare myself for my punishment.
So I lose and the you, dear majority, come out on top. I reward you with this lovely image - lightly smacked, but about to get blistered, enjoy.


  1. I'm one of those who voted for having my panties pulled down but I could have easily voted the other way.

    It's just win-win, isn't it? :)

  2. All good. I have a bit of the commando urge from time to time. Going out without is a very powerful expression of naughtiness.

  3. You said it best to me panties being lingerie is one of life's real joys, so I vote for an extended panty spanking followed by a equally long bare bottom spanking. To me I love the feel of my hand as it spanks a lovely silky panty first knowing more is to come.
    Great post