Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Something missing

Out of sorts. Under the weather. Off colour. Whatever you call it, I don't feel so good this week. Last week's trip has left me a bit wrung out and the worst of it is I have a record low SQ
And that worries me. We're in a double dip recession here in the UK apparently - the recession is just going on and on. And that looks to be happening with my SQ too, though I've tried to jumpstart it with a hit of Eros Unbound and Crimson and Black.
What if it never comes back. Life without that spanko frisson and thrill is pancake flat. What can I do? If there was a pill to take I'd get a jar and start popping (Vitamin S maybe).
No SQ is a dreary place to be. I may as well take up knitting!


  1. Aw. I'm sorry to hear that, OFG. But don't worry - if I know anything it's that a taste for kink is part of you forever. Your SQ will recover, I'm sure of it! :)

  2. That's not good. My SQ fluctuates, but I don't remember ever worrying that it's gone. Imagine if all spanking erotica were forbidden to you for a stipulated length of time. How long could you resist? And you can imagine what the punishment would be if you failed.

  3. I've just been discussing it with Significant Other (who knows me better than I know myself). Apparently I have a week like thisn I shake off the bug and then I'm naughtier/brattier/more attitudinal than ever, which is when a very firm hand is required.
    The weird thing is that writing that sentence would usually set me squirming in my seat, but today (with an SQ of 0.50... nothing. Very strange.