Friday, 17 August 2012

Art moment

She's bound and unable to  move. Her bottom is well presented and there's a looked of resignation on her face - appropriate given that her tormentor has four spare switches in hand and looks to be planning to wear out each one.
It's an intriguing image. I want to know why the girl is being punished so soundly and who it is that's doing the thrashing. And is that room an attic?
These drawings are the work of an artist called Eric Galton. I love them - they're so elegant and French. So, I thought I'd see what I could find out about Galton and try to discover more of his art, if it's out there.
But there doesn't seem to be much to be found out about him other than that he was the talent who illustrated a novel called 'The Misfortunes of Colette', which was published in Britain around 1930. Apparently its subtitle was 'The Ironical Fruits of Discipline', which sounds intertesting. 

The story was apparently a translation of a French spanking story called 'Les Malheurs de Colette' by a certain Aimé Van Rod. That was first published n 1914.
I'd love to read Collette's story. Her misfortunes seem to be the sort of thing that I could identify with... If anyone knows where I can find it please do share.

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  1. Art, especially the vintage french spanking is so nice to see, It triggers the beauty and it triggers the longing for spanking.

    Thanks for sharing!