Thursday, 9 August 2012

Stick to it

The great thing about watching the Olympics in the days of digital broadcasting is that there's so much of it. We've been enjoying hopping from channel to channel watching bits of the sports that didn't used to get much, or any, airtime.
So, now I'm watching hockey. And does it take me back! Girls with muscly legs, the cute little skirts and socks, oh, and the violence. When I was at school I didn't have muscly legs, but I was made to play some hockey - and remember it as a fairly brutal business.
I never enjoyed a moment of it, but after seeing my best friend's teeth being smashed to pieces by a high ball I decided to have nothing more to do with it. That got me into trouble, but less trouble than a hockey ball in the mouth delivers.
Watching tonight's match made me think of our old hockey teacher for the first time in years. She was pretty scary and kind of menacing, so much so that we walk on eggs for fear of her temper. Of course, she wasn't allowed to use CP - it had been banned - but she was very physical otherwise.
She must have started out in the days before the ban and gave every impression that she'd dearly like to be able to bruise our bottoms on a regular basis. Or maybe that was just my reading of the situation.
I seem to remember that she also had the habit of patrolling the changing room after we'd had our showers to encourage anyone she considered a "slow coach" to hurry up. Anyone taking too long over their hair or clothes would be encourage along with a word or two and sometimes a "playful" smack on the behind.
A spanko perhaps? If she was she must have been a very frustrated one.


  1. Ah, hockey. Brutal is precisely the word - horrid game! I remember getting my ankles whacked often with those mercilessly hard sticks, OW.

    But the skirts and socks, YUM! :D Definitely more fun to watch than to play.

    And you do have to wonder where they find PE teachers. They always seem to be a bit... frustrated.

  2. My school was mixed and the girls played hockey. But as it was a boarding school, and the House Master was an ex UK Hockey coach, we also had weekend games that anyone could take part in. As a 1st former, I remember the revenge-fueled thrill of being able to whip around the legs of the not-so-nice 6th formers and 'miss' the ball. Hehe!

  3. PE teachers? In my experience they seem an unhappy lot. Maybe a life spent playing games doesn't turn out to be the fun they expect it to be.