Saturday, 25 August 2012

Big John

I think I'm part of a interesting generation, in spanko terms. I grew up in a world where for the most part British society had turned against corporal punishment, but we were surrounded by references to spanking in films, books, even music.
As I child I was fascinated by the CP scenes that turned up in old films on TV, in comic strips and in novels. Earlier generations grew up with spanking, later ones have grown up with the internet - we had stuff like McLintock!
My thanks to the excellent Blossom and Thorn for reminding me of McLintock! Of all the 'innocent' Hollywood spanking scenes it has to be the one that made the biggest impression on all of us young spankos-in-the-making.
As Michael Thorn says: "What adds to the lore of McLintock! is for many young spankos it was a formative moment which ignited a lifelong passion." He's probably got a point, though for this young (then) spanko the fire was already there, but stuff like McLintock! fanned the flames.
If you haven't seen it you really should. In the film's big climax John Wayne hunts down Maureen O'Hara and gives her what for with a metal coal shovel.
Thinking about the film really takes me back. It was made in 1963 and so was fairly old when I first saw it as a repeat on television. I've seen it on TV quite a few times over the years, but most remember the time I visited my Mum and Step dad way back.
They had the film on when we go there and turned the volume down, but left the TV on. Sitting drinking tea and making polite conversation as Maureen's spanking got nearer and nearer was, for me, a bizarre experience.
At the time my (then) new other half was just beginning to get used to my kinky little secret. So I found it squirmingly embarassing and as Maureen got her due I was blushing redder than her behind must have been on set. 
Significant Other tuned into my confusion (and was still laughing about it for days later) and I think Mum picked up on some of the tension in the room. I dearly hope my Stepdad didn't because I really wouldn't want him to know that Maureen's predicament meant - and means - so much to me.


  1. Always loved that movie! If you'll recall, not only did the lovely Maureen get her behind thoroughly paddled, her daughter, played by Stephanie Powers, got her bottom warmed by the same coal shovel by the Duke's real-life son, Patrick. Two for the price of one. A must for any spanko's film library.

    The Duke also spanked Elizabeth Allen in another movie made that same year (1963)called "Donovan's Reef". Lee Marvin and Dorothy Lamour co-starred.

    Also, in "The Quiet Man", perhaps his most famous pairing with O'hara, there were several references to marital discipline, though, sadly, no onscreen spankings.

    1. I do like the way Maureen's spanking happen in a public place and that onlookers cheer Duke on!

    2. Me too! Nothing like a public comeuppance for a naughty girl or boy!

  2. This was just on in NJ this Sunday, I actually saw both spankings, still amazing and still hot as heck.
    Donovan's Reef, let me tell you Ms Allen is beautiful and you see the dust coming off her skirt as Duke spanks her.

    Good stuff

    1. My daughter has Netflix membership. I was looking for a movie to watch on it on Saturday and there was Mclintock! I was tempting to watch it again, but the site shows a list of viewed films - I'd rather she didn't know what I'd been looking at...