Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Times past

What did you get up to in another life? And do you deserve a lifetime of bare-bottom spankings as a result? Over the years I've done a lot of thinking and reading about what makes a spanko a spanko, but have never previously come across the thought that it's all about re-incarnation.
Interesting thought. I was doing a bit of random searching yesterday when I came across this essay about cause and effect from a few years ago. It sets out to challenge the lazy causal thinking that says spanked kids turn into spanko adults.
The writer's overall aim seems to be to argue a case for CP for kids. As far as I'm concerned that's plain wrong, but I am interested in understanding my own wiring so I spent some time reading what he/she had to say.
One of the arguments goes like this:If spanking fetishism was caused by spankings, it should have been a lot more common in past centuries... However, the opposite seems to be the case. Even in the days of Freud (1856-1939), spanking fetishism was little heard of while many other fetishisms are well documented. Spanking fetishism seems to have increased since the last two or three generations while the practice of spanking children has decreased in the same time interval. Interesting? Not sure how true that is - or how it could be established evidentially.
The writer does suggest some interesting alternative theories of his/her own. I suspect that none of them would fit all spankophiles, but that most of us would relate to at least one of them. 
For me it's the idea that the fetish grows from a fear of a traumatic event, not the event itself; I wasn't spanked, but knew people who were and worried it could happen to me too. The essay adds: This theory could also explain why the majority of children who are spanked doesn't develop this fetish. Fear of something unknown tends to be greater than fear of something known. 
But the theory that made me giggle goes like this: People who believe in reincarnation may also believe that mental traits can have their origin in past lives. So a spanking fetish could e.g. be the result of a traumatic corporal punishment in a previous life.
So perhaps that's it, I love Wicked Knickers because I see myself there. Am I the girl on the chair? And is that why I'm usually hankering for the smack of firm discipline?

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