Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just smile

Yes, so there's a lot of play acting around spanking imagery. Whatever their true feelings spankees are expected to howl, scowl and pout their way through the 'ordeal'. But isn't it nice to see a bit of enjoyment coming through now and again?
I think it is and on a fairly crappy day (dead car, bills, too little money, too much rain) I really got a connection with Secret Spanko's thoughts on the subject. For some reason it made me think of how my mum used to sing 'Smile', the Nat King Cole song, when she was working around the house. 
You know the song, it's the one that starts "smile though your heart is breaking..." At the time it drove me mad, but now it makes me feel all fuzzy and nostalgic and I've been humming it to myself all morning.
I've also been trying to subvert the lyrics. Not that I can get very far - the best I've come up with yet is to turn 'Smile though your heart is aching, smile even though it's breaking' into 'Smile though your bottom's aching, smile even though it's baking...'
Don't give up the day job. Anyway I'm thinking Secret Spanko is right, let's have less of the pouting. In dark and difficult times it pays to keep cheerful, doesn't it? And surely having someone in your life who'll give you the spanking you deserve now andf again is worth more than money (unless you have to pay for it I suppose, but that's another story...)   


  1. I absolutely agree with you about spanking and smiling. So, here's to many happy spankings! :-)

  2. So glad with your post
    So Human... and so beautiful
    to see that there can be a smile
    even when being spanked...
    because it feels so special
    and is fulfilling
    giving rest

    So smile if youre spanked
    and smile if the burdons of live
    seems bigger then you think
    you can handle...

    With a smile...
    Monsieur Fessee