Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Further undercover

Would anybody see? The problem with Old Pricey was that she couldn't keep on target. For every four she managed to land on your poor bum, there was another that got you low - on your legs.
They were the ones that stung the worst, but it also meant that the bit of you between bum and stocking top was marked. And there you seemed to take a mark, all purple and red, much worse than on your bottom itself.
With your school skirt on it meant that there was a good chance someone was going to see. Especially boys, who could be relied on to look.
Showing your stocking tops to boys was one thing, but letting them see you'd been given the slipper was just too embarrassing.

Well anyway, that's the little scenario that came to mind when I saw Mr Tawse's great photo today. It's a subject he's posted on before and it's great that he's doing such good work on behalf of the historical fiction writer. Any school story set in the 1960s can now rely on complete accuracy lingerie-wise. 


  1. Thanks for the mention. I will see if I can post more on this topic but I can assure you now that stockings were often worn under school skirts even as late as the 1960s

  2. You sound as though you're speaking from first-hand experience... you weren't a naughty peeper were you?

    1. Very much so. I plan to post some peeping memories! Love the story by the way.

  3. Hi. I love your blog. So inviting and playful in the way you write, and so diverse and interesting. :)
    Have you written anything else?

  4. Sorry, what I meant to say, is if there is a way to read the other things you've written? :)

  5. Thanks for asking. Lots in print in Vanilla-land, but so far just the one attempt at a spanko novel - an e-book called 'A Week in the Country', click on the pic of the girl getting birched over to the right for more info.
    I'm halfway into the second novel, but have hot a bit of a wall. Work, kids, life all get in the way. I'm now planning to get a second novel-length ebook together this autumn when life should be more organised.