Thursday, 16 August 2012

Searching questions

'...across my knee, NOW...'
The most popular search that brings people to this blog is something like 'roger benson home spanking', or some combination of those words. And why not, who wouldn't want to see Mr Benson's incredibly evocative artwork (like the one above)?
There are lots of more puzzling ones too. Looking today I've got 'erotic horse', 'consensual spanking simpsons' and 'angry mum smack'. Sort of makes sense.
But then there are the really rather puzzling ones. Like 'butt dimples from sitting too long'. Does your butt dimple if you sit down for a long time?
I can't say I've noticed. I spend a lot of time sitting, but don't often check out my rear end straight after getting up.
But now I feel as though I need to do some experiments. Not sure of the methodology. A very long movie, no knickers and a close friend would do it, shouldn't it?

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