Monday, 20 August 2012

Important little words

Those three little words that mean so much. To me anyway. SO used them last night and  - as ever - I went weak at the knees.
Which three? What else but "up those stairs". And off we went upstairs to discuss the issue of my brattiness. Sadly, it was ONLY a discussion - we're in school holidays vanilla lock-down here.
No insant cure then for my current state of crippling spank horniness. But talking about my attitude, and how it will be thoroughly adjusted in future, was very, very exciting - roll on September.


  1. Oh goody! I'm glad that you got a nice telling-off with the promise of punishment to come :)

    Roll on September!

  2. Know so well what you mean...
    It was so much luck that during our holiday
    we found place and room in the room from te washingmachine :-)

    Femme Fessee wrote about it in her posting:

    Now we are back and there is nearly room, space and time...
    So I can only tell you that I hope that in September there is more room and time.

    I hope that then there is room for other little important words, like:

    On your knees
    Bend over
    I'm gone Spank you!

    Love, Monsieur Fessee

  3. September... so near, yet so far! Thanks for sympathetic thoughts and thanks too to M. Fessee - I now know one more French word. Buanderie - bound to come in useful sometime or other:)