Friday, 10 August 2012

Fiction Friday: Master of the house

"I'm so very disappointed. I'm sure other guardians don't treat their role so casually. Uncle Harold just doesn't seem to give a fig for what I do or say. He's the least diligent guardian any young lady could possibly have. I am so wayward, so wrong-headed, so in need of rules and regulations, but he sees none of it.
Whatever I do to provoke him, he seems not to notice. Pressed for an opinion it's "whatever you think best, my dear" or "suit yourself, old girl..." He'd rather be off with his fellows at the theatre or the races than giving time to my concerns. It simply will NOT do. 
This time he will notice, I'll make sure of it. This time he will pay attention. I have the key to his private drawer in the library and I'm going to take a look inside..."

I felt I should get back to the Fiction Friday habit (little story-writing exercises to go with found images). Today I've only got time to come up with an idea - I'm sure your imagination can come up with an ending that's better than anything I'd write anyway... Loved this drawing. Not sure of the artist, but it captures a moment beautifully, doesn't it?

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