Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Mary Lou look

As character name's go Mary Lou Burnem is hard to beat. Over the years I've come across lots of the Mary Lou images here and there on websites, but I've never been able to see them together as a coherent comic story.
In my (admittedly brief) quest for info about Mary Lou's creator Eric Stanton I've just come across a post at the blog Crankyspanker that has shaken my belief that he was working long, long ago.
Stanton's drawings - including the Mary Lou ones - have a 1960s feel to them, but Crankyspanker says that the comics were actually self-published in the 1980s. Another Country remembers the 1980s well and is certain that they are not yet history.
So a bit more surfing on the subject and it turns out that Stanton - real name Ernest Stanzoni - only passed away in 1999. Apparently he worked on mainstream comics, before striking off on his own tack into the dark world of fetish.
I love his spanking stuff, it has an energy and verve that jumps off the page. The typed captions and sketchy style make it all look very homemade. His FF stuff is full of life and fizz, and there's lots of FM too. 
My one niggle with Stanton style is the way he draws his male characters - their bottoms are often very girly... Not quite right.If anyone knows where I can find the whole Mary Lou story do please let me know.

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