Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Searchword puzzles

Life remains on go-slow until the engineer comes tomorrow to fix our broadband. It's a hardware issue, apparently.
In the meantime blogging is more pain than pleasure (and not in a good way) because every action takes ten times as long. Which means that this post doesn't waffle on on like most of the rest do.
What I wanted to share with you was today's off-the-wall searchword concept. I find it fascinating to see the search terms that people use. And to try to fathom what was going through their minds when they typed them into the little Google box.
Today's puzzle is: volleyball dominatrix. OK, I can see that you might have an interest in either one topic or the other, but at the same time?


  1. Hehe! I bet you get some interesting searches.

    'Volleyball dominatrix' is a funny combination of words, but the concept itself seems understandable enough. (I guess I'm kinkier than I thought!)

    I mean, I myself like the idea of girls in tennis outfits being spanked, and that's kinda similar, in a sporty, kinky kinda way... maybe your visitor just really wants to see those nice female bottoms (in those nice tight shorts) being punished by a lesbian coach?

    Here's the concept in mathematical form:
    Pictures of girls (or boys) playing volleyball [a nice thing, or n]
    + Pictures of or stories about strict women [also n]
    = Pictures of or stories about strict women disciplining girls (or boys) playing volleyball [n squared; twice as nice!]

    I imagine, though, that volleyball femdom material is a tad hard to find, so my sympathies to your visitor. I guess he or she just thought, "Ah hell, you never know!"

    P.S. Volleyball dominatrix also sounds like a good name for a band :0)

  2. 'good name for a band :0'
    I'd buy tickets!

  3. As a spanking artist, I have decided that it's my duty to Rule #34 this. Seriously. Thank you for the inspiration! :)