Thursday, 23 February 2012

Driven to spank

Long car journeys and spankoness seem to go together as far as I'm concerned. When I'm on my own, that is. Yesterday I spent three hours driving to a meeting and three driving back, which is a long time to sit on your own listening to the radio.
But all that time can be a marvellous resource - lots of time to let the spanko imagination run free. I've had little time over the last couple of weeks to do any fiction writing, but yesterday I got through a couple of chapter of Beryl Gets Stuck In.
Of course, the problem now is getting all of that stuff out of my head and onto paper. I'm off on the road again in a minute or two, and will be again at the weekend. So there's no time for writing (and very little for blogging for that matter).
Perhaps I should dictate it as a drive along. I rather like the idea of sitting in heavy traffic surrounded by other drivers while I'm happily chatting away to myself about naughty girls, early bedtimes, smacked bottoms and the rest. 


  1. Travelling is such a time-waster, isn't it? And while you're behind the wheel you can't even read a book - well, you can, but I gather for some reason it's frowned upon.

    So I think it's a great idea to dictate the text of Beryl Gets Stuck In while you drive.

    Perhaps you should also consider releasing it as an audio book, so other motorists can enjoy the experience in reverse! Or indeed in any of the other gears.

  2. Spanking-related as audio and high-speed driving could be a bit of dangerous mix to me...
    Are you working on any art at the moment? Can't wait to see something new.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, OFG. I'm always 'working on' art. It's the 'having finished working on' bit that seems to give me trouble.

    I actually have three pieces on the go. One of those, you may be pleased to know, features a naughty girl draped across a lap. Another is a commission I have to finish in time for someone's imminent wedding - so plenty of incentive there.

    Maybe I should work to a deadline more often - I don't suppose you need a cover illustration for your book? ;)

  4. A girl! Brilliant, I look forward to it. And I really like the idea of cover art.