Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Spankos: Born, or made?

I'd definitely say born. Making up little doll dramas that involved 'crime' and punishment is one of my earliest memories. In my bedroom super-strict Barbie gave someone a spanking on most nights of the week.
And I can think of no reason why that should have been the case. Kids weren't spanked in our house, although 1970s Britain was a place were corporal punishment was talked about a lot and happened fairly often too.
It's a question that's debated at my house time and again. I don't want to screw up the outcome of the poll on the right, but it's one reason why I put it there. Please take a moment to cast your vote.
When it comes to the nature/nurture debate I'm definitely in the nature camp. I'm pretty certain that I was born with a gene that means that I find CP thrilling.The majority don't have it and can't understand.
Some early occurrence - now forgotten - my have switched that gene on, but if I hadn't been born with it I'd never have become a spanko. I think some people have it, but it's dormant - waiting to be triggered into life.
Significant Other is in the other camp. SO thinks it's all about influences - about environment. The logic of SO's way of thinking is that I've made myself a spanko by first reading spanking mags and novels and, later, by venturing into the online Spankoland.
SO tolerates, but doesn't approve. The implication is that if I made an effort to close my mind to spanko thoughts I'd be transformed magically into a Vanilla.
As I think you know that's not going to happen any time soon... What set me off on this train of thought this morning was Bonnie's post introducing another batch of new spanko blogs. She's got a great way with words, saying: "Someone has definitely been watering in the domestic discipline part of the garden because new DD blogs are popping up all over."
What's going on. SO's environmental theory would suggest that more spankos are being made because there's more spanking-material out their to 'corrupt' them - lots opf watering going on.
I'd say it's that many more people carry the spanko gene than anyone guessed pre-internet. And thanks to the internet they're happier with expressing that fact than ever before.


  1. Great post on an interesting topic!

    I'm with you in the nature camp. I remember as a small child enjoying the idea of CP, and I even used to spank myself in secret. As this urge came quite unbidden by any external influence, I have to think it was inherent. (Maybe it's different for some folks - we're all unique, after all).

    I also agree re the internet: an increase in the volume of kinky material/activity online simply reflects the fact that ever-increasing numbers are taking advantage of the new possibilities for expression and communication that technology offers. It's a bottom-up thing (if you see what I mean!); the internet reflects what We The Ordinary People think and feel, not the other way round.

    NB: My blog is only a year old, but I've been into spanking since forever.

    1. I blush to think of it, but I seem to remember a bit of self-spanking too... Thanks for your comment and for helping me to discover your blog, I'm going to enjoy finding out what you've been up to over the last year.

  2. I agree with you, I suspect spankoness is mostly inherent.

  3. The only problem I have with my spanko-gene theory is that if it's inherited then presumably it's been handed down by your nearest and dearest. Thinking about mum and dad's sex life makes me feel a bit queasy.

  4. Nice article.....I remember at age five spanking my female Kindergarten classmate! She seemed interested also. I knew she got spanked also cause she told me the whole process. At first we just giggled as I patted her shorts...bu at some point I took them down and the smacks got a little harder.....honestly we did this! Thinking back on it, I am amazed we were doing it at that age. I also liked rectal temp taking....i sued to play by myself with thermometers...I would even lay over a chair, pull down my own pants, and stick it in....Thanks for writing!