Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sore loser

'Enjoyed' a night in our local pub last night and have a bad head this morning. Somebody had come up with the idea of playing bingo, a rather quaint British tradition, and we all really got into the swing of the thing in a post-modern, ironic sort of way.
Only problem is that while being ironic I lost rather a lot of money and drank way too much (so now have a hangover). Gambling + heavy drinking should = a spanking. Right? That's how I feel anyway, in need of correction.
PS The broadband problem continues. Upload and download a trickle - and another argument with my ISP to look forward to.


  1. Have you ruled out the possibility of something nefarious going on with your computer (i.e. a virus or some kind of malware?) I only raise the question on the off chance you had not thought of it.

    Oh, I enjoyed the post too!

  2. Hadn't really thought of that. I've got the security stuff that's supposed to keep the nasties out, but I suppose it could have let me down. How do you find out if these things have crept under the wire?

  3. Sounds like you have it all sorted out now, so you don't have to worry about the nasties. The best thing to do if you get suspicious again is just run the scans with all the antivirus and malware protection etc. you have, and then turn to Google if needed and look for other ideas if that doesn't work. I'm glad it seems to be straightened out.

    1. I had an extremely nasty pest on my computer a couple of weeks ago that was a real pain to find and squash. The upside is that I now know a lot more about anti-nasty programs!

      Just to make sure your PC is clean, I recommend that you download and run a scan with each of these (one at a time):
      Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
      Kaspersky TDSS Killer
      McAfee Stinger

      Not just a pretty face! xx