Sunday, 12 February 2012

A little 'help' from our friends

Sunday morning and the whole house needs cleaning from top to toe. I've just been reading yesterday's paper and eating breakfast in bed (don't those pesky crumbs get everywhere) and discovered that Mr Cameron wants to make it easier for me to employ domestic staff.
Great, the country's going down the pan and the Government think the answer to our problems is to re-invent 'Downton Abbey'. We're to get tax breaks it seems for employing maids, nannies and the like.
Great news for all those millionaires in the Cabinet who are already getting their household stuff down by somebody else, but more 'help' doesn't help the rest of us. I'm a bit worried about how we're going to pay the next electricity bill, so a between-stairs maid will probably have to wait until after my Lottery win.
I suppose all those unemployed young graduates could go into domestic service. I rather like the idea that when Flossie comes to turn down the masters bed she can also discuss endogenous growth theory with him while she's at it. 
Not that I don't like the idea of living an 'Upstairs Downstairs' life. They could get on with the dirty work, while I concentrated on the important stuff - like staff discipline.
Anyway, enough of all this. I'm off to vacuum the stairs.

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