Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mary Lou, part 2

On the subject of Eric Stanton, a helpful emailer pointed me in the direction of two useful pages. The first is on Amazon, where someone is selling an original copy of 'Mary Lou Burnem School Disciplinarian' for $15. Probably a must-have if you carry the collector gene.
But given that I'm careful with my money by nature (Scots blood I think - I also have a fondness for porridge and the tawse, though preferably not at the same time) I'm planning to catch up with Mary Lou's story via a site called Azotainas eroticas, which turns out to be a great online library of things spanko. Happy reading.


  1. Congrats on being Chrossed! The Mary Lou series was great, I really enjoyed the drawings. I wish I could draw like that.

  2. It's probnably bad form to spend too much time studying the stats counter. But it is nice to come back from a weekend away and discover that the Chross Effect happened.