Friday, 3 February 2012

Over my lap now...

... you wicked broadband provider! I'm having all sorts of go-slow problems with my broadband this week, which is coming between me and my online life. Work and pleasure.
Every page takes an eternity to load and it seems especially bad with my two Blogger blogs (this one and my vanilla one). It is infuriating.
The download service we're getting is a disgrace. I'd say that my broadband provider should be ashamed of his/her/itself.
Sadly, all I can threaten is to take my business elsewhere and frankly they don't care one bit. I'm just about to ring to complain once again and am not looking forward to the experience.
But while I'm twiddling my thumbs listening to the on-hold muzak I will enjoy envisaging just how many brush spanks, what position, bare or not and the rest.
If this post actually manages to get published spare me a thought. And wish me luck.


  1. I feel your pain. Everyone would like to spank their ISP at one time or another. Hopefully your service will improve in short order.

  2. More important, Jay em, wow she is hot, I would love to be over her knee.