Friday, 24 February 2012

Born or made redux

If you were an early-starter like me you'll probably know that feeling of knowing that you deserve a spanking, but having nobody around to deal with the situation. Brat away all day, but there's no chance that you'll get what you know you need.
When, and where, I grew up it was usually called a good hiding. As in, "are you asking for a good hiding..?" Of course, this phrase was meant as threat and warning, but it was an empty one. Inside I'd be saying an emphatic, but frustrated, yes.
A good hiding place...
There's a great post over at The Spank Shop that I can really relate to. Ronnie describes so well some of the confusing feelings that Iwent through  myself around the whole spanking thing during my teens, and earlier. In fact, as early as I can remember - as I've said before I'm pretty sure I was born the way I am.
Born, not made. And the little poll I've had running over the last few weeks suggests that among visitors here early-starters are in the majority.
Here's the stats. Of the 73 people who took the time to vote (thank you for that), 54 per cent put themselves in the under 10 category and another 24 per cent opted for 24 per cent.
The young adult category at 15-25 got 13 per cent, which leaves just five votes - or six per cent - in the over 25 band. So, it seems I'm with the majority.
I suppose this majority says nothing about the born/made debate. It could be that whatever happens to make spankos has happened so early in life to the 54 per cent that we've forgotten that trigger experience, whatever it might have been.
...a good hiding
Mind you, it occurs to me that if the made theory is the right one then spankos should be heading the way of the dodo. Here in the UK 30 years or more have passed since the time when CP was used in schools and spanking was an everyday thing in most homes, so what I'm calling trigger experiences are now not part of the lives of impressionable youngsters.
If that's right then spankos should be a dying breed. Which isn't the impression I get.


  1. It would be very interesting to see how many spankos under 30 there are in the UK, and whether the elimination of CP in schools has reduced that number.

  2. The elimination of school CP, but also the elimination of talking about it and of references in fiction that kids read.

  3. I'm of an age that conisders it sensible to lie about one's age. So, I'm with Penelope - like her, I'm one too.