Friday, 16 March 2012

Caught in the act

The sound of the school bus accelerating away down the road meant that everyone had finally gone to where they had to go - and I had the house to myself. The kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off and I had work to get on with too, but I decided to take the laptop off to bed for half and hour's spanko surfing time.
But Significant Other drove for half an hour and then turned around. The day wasn't going to happen without credit cards or cash.
That meant that SO walked back into the house to find my half hour had become a whole hour and me and my laptop were still in bed.What should happen next?
You can, I'm sure, imagine a scene of your own. Mine has shock, a scolding and then a very severe punishment - not unlike the video clip I had watching at the time actually. Bare, hot butt suffering under a big, heavy belt.
In fact, what happened was that SO found cards and cash and went straight back to the car cursing. But the postscript to the little happening is that I'm now sentenced and awaiting punishment.
Apparently, next time we have the house to ourselves we're going to "discuss" my behaviour and cornertime has been mentioned. Anticipation is a marvellous thing.

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