Friday, 9 March 2012

Le vent fripon

You learn so much through the blogosphere, don't you. My minimal French is coming on in leaps and bound thanks to French spanko bloggers, like Olivier at excellent Desseins Coquins.
All those years ago when my teacher was droning on about la plume de ma tante. my uncle's bureau and the rest it didn't really capture my imagination. But the challenge of trying to get to grips with Desseins Coquins is really expanding my horizons.
Of course, I also have Google Translate - which helps. Olivier drops in with a nice comment and I can instantly translate it. So, I think I know that le vent fripon means to cheat the wind.
Or it does if you run the phrase through Google Translate. If you run it through Google Image it seems to mean something like this.


  1. Thanks for your post. My English is bad. It's possible ti translate "fripon" with wretch or rascal I think.
    Desseins coquins = wretch intentions ?
    There's a song of Georges Brassens " Le vent". He writes :
    Si, par hasard
    Sur l'Pont des Arts
    Tu croises le vent, le vent fripon
    Prudenc', prends garde à ton jupon
    "Si, par hasard
    Sur l'Pont des Arts
    Tu croises le vent, le vent maraud
    Prudent, prends garde à ton chapeau."

  2. I really must buy an English-French dictionary.