Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Naughty + nice = perfect

Just back from spending a 'weekend' in a very upmarket hotel. The place was booked up at the weekend, so we opted for a couple of mid-week days instead - which paid off because the weather was marvellous.
This was one of those places where everything was about indulgence.  I'd decided to be on my best all-vanilla behaviour, but couldn't help feeling that the submerged spanko bit of my psyche was threatening to break through.
For some reason a long time back my persona got stuck in the no man's land between naughty and nice. Nice isn't really nice enough without a generous portion of naughty to go with it, however much I try.
When I get nice on it's own (neat, as it were, on the rocks, no mixer) I make the right noises and even halfway convince myself I'm enjoying it. But deep down I know I'm at risk of being bored.
I daydreamed my way through Religious Ed, so I'm on shaky ground here but did Eve take the apple, or was she given it as a gift? A stolen apple would have tasted much, much sweeter that a gifted one, wouldn't it?
Lovely hotel, perfect room, beautiful four-poster bed, all just about perfect. But it really needed to be the setting for a lovely little disobedience-punishment psycho drama.
Is there anyone out there undertaking a serious study of the concept of naughty? A naughty-ologist, as it were. If there is I'd love to read their findings and get a better understanding of why I can't find nice nice enough without just a pinch of naughty...


  1. I know exactly what you mean. It's not that vanilla sex isn't nice... it's just that it inevitably feels like it's missing something, like it needs extra seasoning.

    Though I'm a mere lay naughty-ologist, I'm fascinated by the dynamics of desire and kink and the ways in which they interact. It's definitely a fun thing to be interested in!

  2. That's it, you've hit the nail on the head. It's like food that needs a little more salt.
    And I like 'lay naughty-ologist'. I think I'll get one of those little plastic embossed name badges made with that as my title.