Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A wide world of spanking

"Den po versohlen!"  There, did that get your attention? Hello Germany, this is for you. Penelope over at Naughty Little Writer got me thinking about where the readers of this blog are with her post about the geography of spanking.
This modest little blog can't match her global reach, with visitors from as far afield as Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Peru and the Philippines. But if Blogger's right there's a whole world of kink out there and Another Country is a small part of it.
No surprise, of course, that if you write about the Vice Anglais in English that the majority of my readers are from English-speaking nations. The US and UK and in first and second place.
But I find it fascinating that third from the top of my list of audience location is Germany. Why is is that so many Germans are visiting a spanko blog - far ahead of other European nations?
I'd be interested to know. But whatever the reason, welcome. And thanks to Chross for that phrase, it apparently means 'spank your butt'.


  1. Well, apart from Russia we have the biggest population in Europe (~80 million). And most people here speak English and use the Internet frequently.

  2. Oh my, have I annoyed you? Reading back it may sound a bit off. What I was trying to get at was what is it in the culture of the UK and Germany that makes CP of interest to us in a way that it isn't to say Spaniards, Swedes or Italians?

  3. No you haven't. I was just pointing out some statistical facts that are one possible explanation. On the other hand it is also a fact that internationally the term "German" is often used to describe SM play, so I guess there is a tendency towards kinkiness here ;)

  4. Oh good, I did worry. I have something of a habit of upsetting people without realising I'm doing it.
    A tendency towards kinkiness sounds good to me. Maybe kinkiness could be worked into the Olympics in some way and the natin's of the world could compete to gold.

  5. And you do it so well!

    Thanks for sharing